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Making your favorite Clothes Last longer

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Follow this simple cleaning guide, to make your t shirts last longer and add years to your favorite clothing.


Cold Water -Wash your clothes with cold water- doing this prevents colors clothes from bleeding and keeps colors bright and fibers more intact.


Inside Out -Wash Graphic T’s inside out, doing this quick flip of the shirt extends the life and vibrance of your graphics.


Less Washing -Wash your clothes less frequently… it’s actually not that gross. You already take frequent showers and wear deodorant, and if you don’t, today would be great to start. By having better hygiene, your clothing stay fresh much longer. You really should only wash clothes when they are actually dirty. Most men wash their jeans too frequently and wash their sheets not frequent enough (only 4 times a year)  when it should be the other way around.


Similar Fabrics -Wash similar clothing together, as opposed to what my mom always taught me, to wash like colors together. Denim for example, is a much tougher fabric that will wear down your your other clothes (like your Axiom t shirts) faster. Zippers and buttons on clothing can also can sang, rub and wear out fabrics quicker than normal.


Air Dry -Hang drying adds year to the life of your clothes, and also helps you save an average of 6% on your electricity bill. Yes, dryers and fabric softener make your clothes feel amazingly soft compared to hang drying, but the high heat, chemicals, and tumbling break down the fabric fibers at a much faster rate, take a look at the lint trap.


Now that you have a better grasp on laundry, try this simple steps out and you’ll be amazed and the difference it makes. Longer lasting clothes ultimately keeps money in your pocket.


Want more? Be sure to check out Axiom Male on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @AxiomMale .

Latest update: 25/01/2016
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